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Gateway to team-building adventure in South Africa

Adventure Zone Cullinan stands out as the undisputed leader in Adventure Tourism in Gauteng, setting the standard for thrilling experiences and team building activities.

As the premier destination for adventure enthusiasts, Adventure Zone consistently delivers unparalleled excitement and fosters unparalleled team cohesion through its exceptional offerings.

Whether it’s conquering challenging outdoor activities such as ziplining, quad trails, abseil or engaging in innovative team-building exercises, Adventure Zone stands at the forefront, providing the ultimate adventure and team-building experiences in Gauteng.

Embarking on our expertly designed extreme activities at Adventure Zone Cullinan promises an adrenaline-fueled experience of a lifetime. From the heart-pounding rush of the zipline to the controlled descent of abseiling, every moment will be alive with challenge and exhilaration!

Our quad bike trails offer a fast and furious journey through diverse terrains, facilitating a real sense of exploration. After confronting your inner wildness, take a breather on our pristine hiking trails, unwinding with each step, as you connect to the beauty of nature.

With 16+ extraordinary adventure activities to choose from including ziplining, abseiling, quad biking, hiking trails puts Adventure Zone Cullinan as a leading outdoor activity facility in South Africa and a haven for all those seeking to play hard outdoors.

The perfectly designed activities not only offer an adrenaline rush but also allows guests to experience the stunning landscapes of Muningi Gorge.

With a commitment to providing a 5 star adventure experience, Adventure Zone Cullinan choosing us for your important team building sessions or memorable milestone experiences is the sure way to go.


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Your next team-building adventure starts here!

Currently we have 2 sites in South Africa, with the addition of our Offsite service where we come to you. We boast 16 different team-building activities for you to choose from.  Each of our sites has a signature activity or service that you simply just have to try.

We opened Adventure Zone at Cullinan with our signature Zipline and later introduced our unique full moon glide, at Voortrekker Monument you will love our Quad bikes which also sends you on a small safari where you can see and experience different antelope species while driving your own quad bike, this is also our site most suitable for children.  Your next children’s party must now be a no brainer.

Plettenberg Bay is home to many different tourist attractions, we are very proud to add to the list our incredible 14 storey abseil from Robberg.  Very soon we’ll open more activities and sites along the Garden Route.

Adventure Zone is absolutely your number one stop for adventure, tourist attractions & outdoor fun.

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