bungy jumping is an adventure in South Africa

Bungy Jumping: photo by Jarekt

Looking to do something more exciting than office chores like changing the printer toner and checking on the property valuation of hotels in Durban? Wanting to get out from behind that desk and find something that gets your blood pumping the adrenaline coursing through your veins? Want to feel alive?

Well, the secret most South Africans would prefer to keep to themselves is out. There are new kinds of adventures in South Africa, and it’s all for anyone to take. The government of South Africa is intent on bringing in tourists but with an eye to keeping nature intact and preserved.

Kudos (or more appropriately, Kudus) goes to South Africans for showing the rest of the world the right way of caring for nature, and for being generous about sharing. Of course, they still get to enjoy these adventures whenever they want, and that makes them the luckiest people on earth.

Bungee Jumping Off the Bridge Over Bloukrans River

Really want to try something fun? Buy a camera and head out with some friends to the highest bridge based bungee jump on the planet. Bloukrans River is in the Forest Village Market at Tsitsikamma. Atop the river is a very high span bridge – the highest in the world and as stated, has bungee jumping.

Bungee jumping is having one end of an elastic rope tied to a body harness around your waist or chest area, and the other end securely fastened onto the bridge. The fun is in taking an adrenaline filled leap of faith by jumping off the bridge and letting gravity show you who’s boss! The rope is long enough so that you can touch the water in the Bloukrans River but that isn’t as thrilling as the drop itself. It’s approximately a 216 meter drop which makes it the highest bungee jump in the world. Two new slants on the bungee jumping were recently launched, respectively called the “Flying Fox” and the “Double Rush”. With Flying Fox, there’s a 200 meter cable slide which you can get on to reach the jump off stage. The Double Rush is a combination adventure of Flying Fox and bungee jumping. You have to see it to believe it is even possible to move from the cable slide and straight to the jump. Incredible!

The Otter Trail Hike

The Otter Trail is a project handled and managed by the National Parks Board of South Africa. It’s a camping adventure, and because of the length of the Otter Trail, takes about 5 days to travel through. There are 4 places to sleep and it is definitely not a 5 star hotel: luxury is sacrificed for an immersive experience in nature’s beauty. It’s rough-hewn, dorm-style cottages accommodate 6 people and by the end of each day you’ll probably be so bone tired that you won’t notice how appealing the log huts are. Indeed, one of  the best ways to experience South Africa’s outdoors is by bringing along your camping gear and spending time in its conservation areas.

The Otter Trail isn’t just walking and hiking: you will be climbing heights, given a chance to snorkel and swim, and there are funnels and canopy forests that will enchant you into thinking you’ve been caught up in some fantasy story.

Game Viewing

South Africa is the place to go for game viewing: the South African government has always appreciated and protected South Africa’s natural environment. In some of the best conservation areas in the world, Africa’s indigenous wildlife can be seen to run free and wild. Game viewing will bring you close to the famed “Big 5”: Leopard, Elephant, Lion, Rhino, and Buffalo. There are different choices for your safari adventure through the savannah: a fully enclosed vehicle, horseback, on foot, or off road. The number of days you spend game viewing is open-ended and one can go camping in designated areas. Each game reserve has its own restrictions which have to be followed, no exemptions allowed. For instance, no off road safaris are allowed in the Kruger National Park.


Canyoneering is the same as kloofing and it means walking, jumping, climbing, swimming, abseiling, or bouldering down a canyon (or kloof). You will need a GPS device to do this and it requires skill and muscles. In short, you have to be physically fit to do this.