In South Africa, north to south are replete with adventures to thrill and give you goose bumps. The running joke among many South Africans is that one can go down the alphabet, and there is an adventure for each letter. Every province, municipality and town has something special for South Africans to do. It’s a Shangri-La for adventure-seekers and thrill chasers (you might even find something exciting to do while engaged in an activity as mundane as checking out the houses for sale in Florida).

The Northern Cape

whale watching in Cape Town

Whale Watching in Cape Town

In the Northern Cape, where blue skies seem to touch land in rugged terrain, there is remoteness to many places where one can challenge oneself. This is where the mountain regions of South Africa store hidden treasures and an unbelievable escape from the humdrum of work. It’s not unusual to see South Africans making a beeline for the north where one can go trekking, hiking, rock climbing, shooting the rapids, fishing, sailing, and game viewing. The best way to tour the Northern Cape Province is by car or motorbike. If you are planning to spend a lot of time in the region and are researching cars for sale for the express purpose of adventuring, you should definitely consider a 4×4 with good axel ground clearance, diff lock and hardiness. If one were to talk about the top 10 adventures in South Africa, the North Cape would certainly be the place to go to experience a multitude of these escapades.

Cape Town, the Mother City

Picture a dove flying high on a quiet day when suddenly a burst of energy springs forth and catches it completely off guard. This is exactly what South Africans get to enjoy in Cape Town. It’s where excitement meets wonder; where one can relax one minute and be blown away the next.

Some of the popular activities found in Cape Town are hiking, boating, horseback riding, hang gliding, rock climbing, fishing, golfing, sand boarding, shark cage diving, surfing, swimming, among many other adventures.

Of the most exciting adventures in South Africa, Cape Town offers a bevy of them, if not all! The beauty of this area is that it just covers so much ground. You have the wine lands, coastal towns, a beautiful peninsula, national parks, mountains, the Atlantic Ocean, and a host of some of the most remarkable scenery in the world. Cape Town has been voted Best Travel Destination in Africa for 4 consecutive years beginning in 2004; world’s best beach; and owning the bluest skies in the world. It is blindingly obvious to local Capetonians as to why the city and its surrounds enjoy some of the highest property values in South Africa.

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Durban and KwaZulu-Natal

Also on the east coast is Durban and KwaZulu Natal; amazing destinations in South Africa for world class adventures like hiking, extreme sports, diving, game viewing, surfing and racing. Some of the annual events that have captured international fame are the Sardine Run, the Dusi Canoe Marathon, the Midmar Mile, Durban Beach Africa, the Amashovashova road race, Sani Pass climbing, and, as with many other places in South Africa, the Big Five.


In Gauteng Province, Africa’s financial powerhouse, there are still quite a number of adventure places to see. Activities include rock climbing, paragliding, hiking, flying, scuba diving, game viewing, and canoeing. The twist in adventure-hopping around Gauteng is the pleasant blend of chic shopping where you can compare iPhone prices, enjoy fine dining and still engage in some rough and tumble fun. This is one of the many reasons why so many tourists pick Gauteng as a prime destination, and why South Africans regard a city like Johannesburg as a place for the brave-hearted. Last year, it was the main venue for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and indeed did very well in showcasing the best of Gauteng, South Africa. These are just 4 places where adventure rules the day; South Africa has much, much more to offer the thrill seeker than this brief article mentions.