The best “adventurer” apps you need on your Android smartphone

The best “adventurer” apps you need on your Android smartphone

Some people travel to international destinations for business; some travel to get away from technology for a while; and others travel in order to put their favourite bits of tech to good use. If you fall into the latter category, perhaps you should invest in an Android phone (check out the latest and nearest cell phone deals to secure a Galaxy S4), especially since the following apps will help you to make the most of your travels:

RunKeeper in Spain

Serious runners will probably already be familiar with RunKeeper, but if you’re new to this favourite pastime as a means to generate a modicum of fitness, it’s definitely worthwhile to try it out. It will certainly come in handy when you need to train for the Pamplona Running of the Bulls: if you can outrun the fastest person there, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the carnage caused by the bulls. Use RunKeeper to set yourself a fitness goal and then to also track your progress.

Wikitude in Valencia, Spain

When in a foreign country, it’s difficult to know – without serious trial-and-error – where all the best restaurants and hotels are, as well as the modern conveniences like Laundromats, police stations, bus stops, and museums. You’ll certainly need laundry facilities if you’re planning to visit Valencia for the La Tomatina festival. The La Tomatina is the messiest, yet most fun, festival in the area, and essentially consists of thousands of people hurling ripe tomatoes at each other. The Wikitude app allows you to scan over your immediate environment with your phone’s camera and it then gives you information on the nearest conveniences.

Drunk Guard in Germany

When visiting a foreign country, it’s likely that you’ll let your guard down and enjoy the experience. This is where Drunk Guard comes in particularly handy. Germany is famous for its 16-day Oktoberfest beer festival, so if you’re headed there for this reason, then ensure that you’ve installed Drunk Guard before you go. It will prevent you from drunk-dialling or drunk-texting people you’d regret contacting if you were sober. Insert the phone numbers of your spouse, exes, boss, mother-in-law, and let Drunk Guard play keeper on your communications while you’re inebriated. The next morning, you can retrieve a report on all the drunk phone calls you tried to make – some sobering moments are bound to ensue.

Other notable travel apps

If you’re headed far north into the world, install Aurora Notifier to let you know when to look out for the Northern Lights; the SAS Survival Guide should you find yourself enjoying Burning Man in the middle of the Nevada Desert in the US; Eclipse Calculator for when you want to spot the next lunar/solar eclipse in the destination you’re travelling in; and the popular IMDB Guide if you’re star-spotting at Cannes in France.