In for a thrill? Try one of Gold Reef City’s rides

In for a thrill? Try one of Gold Reef City’s rides

The New Year rang in some big changes my friends and I needed to make – lose the fear and embrace the adventure. That’s the bottom line. We’re a group of six and we all agreed that it’s time to stop being so apprehensive about life and to just go for it. Half way through January and Bobby already got a different job; Cindy is seeing someone new (she’d been single for too long); Willie looked to buy a house online; Donald is taking skydiving lessons; and Nicky and me, well… we haven’t quite figured out what to do yet. Willie said it’s because we’re still stuck in our “fear mode” – whatever that means – so to prove that that’s not the case, we decided to all go out for some adrenaline pumping activities.

Sandboarding: check

When Cindy’s new boyfriend arranged for us to stay at the Gold Reef City Hotel, it gave the guys the great idea of trying out all the thrilling rides. They said if one person does it, we all have to do it. And if one person chickens out, then we all chicken out. We’re a real bunch of musketeers, hey? So, Gold Reef City it was and we went on almost all the rides!

1. Tower of Terror

At the top of everyone’s thrill list was the Tower of Terror, where a little cart takes you up to the top of a mine shaft and, before you can blink, you’re dropping straight down at a sudden speed of 100 kph. I did scream a little, but then my heart starting beating again and I realised it wasn’t too bad.

Tower of Terror: check.

2. Golden Loop

It took three seconds for the ride car to get to its gear speed of 85 kph, at which point we were all flipped around in the loop-the-loop, up to the height of 40 m in the air. It wasn’t the height that got me, but my body’s lack of preparation to be upside and then back to right side up so quickly – my vertigo flipped out, but at least I can say I did it. The car goes back the same way it came, so we did the whole loop-the-loop again. Backwards. Golden Loop: check.

3. The Anaconda

In my head, I never really enjoyed rollercoasters, but this one really raised my adrenaline to a state of euphoria – the twisting, turning, winding, curling, and roaring ride was totally awesome. While everyone was screaming, white-faced, the only thing going through my mind was: again! Again! Anaconda: check!

4. Miner’s Revenge

I would sooner go back on the Anaconda than to the swinging, flipping, and tilting Miner’s Revenge ride. It’s like one of those boats that swings back and forth until you’re tilting to 270 degrees – horrible. I think the lady sitting next to me thought she was going to end up with a lapful of upchuck… that’s how green I was. Yoh. Miner’s Revenge: *gulp* check.

Gold Reef City was awesome! What’s next…?