Top 3 adrenaline rushes in Jozi

Top 3 adrenaline rushes in Jozi

This was a tough decision to make, but I’m leaving Johannesburg to go live in Durban with my fiancé. I told him that as a “last goodbye” to my hometown, Jozi, I wanted go on all the thrilling excursions that make Johannesburg equally adventurous as it is dangerous and exciting. He saw my stalling tactic, but to meet each other halfway, he said I could do my three favourite, adrenaline-pumping activities and he’d also come with me. That meant checking for the best prices on online deals. Only kidding! This is what I picked:

1. Bungee-jumping in Soweto

I know, right? Who would have thought you could bungee in Soweto? But ever since the city decommissioned the power station and the cooling towers remained as two sentinels watching over the township, some guys realised they could turn the towers into a landmark for adrenaline junkies. So it all starts when you get taken up the 100 m high towers via an open-air lift – that part provides enough of an adrenaline rush without you needing to jump off the platform at the top, but nevertheless. There’s a little platform about three metres from the top of the towers, which requires a walk up a suspended stairway to the tower rim, and then onto the sky bridge (woah!), where the jump platform is located. I usually get more wobblies on the sky bridge than I do from the idea of jumping, so it’s almost a relief to get up to the jump platform. All strapped in and harnessed and ready to go, then it’s three… two… one… BUNGEEEEEE!

2. Zip-lining in the Magaliesburg

Based on the popular canopy tours of the Tsitsikamma Forest, the Magaliesberg Canopy Tour is more of a rock face descent, but uses the same platforms and zip-line system. And that’s the fun part. The guides take you through the whole history of the Magaliesberg Mountains being the second oldest in the world (almost 2 500 million years old), which animals to look out for and which birds can be spotted in the surrounding trees. All the while, you’re zip-lining from one platform to the next, making your way down the very stunning Ysterhout Kloof and admiring the views on your way down. It’s an adrenaline sport for nature lovers – I’m definitely going to miss this part of Jo’burg.

3. Screaming at Gold Reef City

I’ve saved the best for last, especially since my fiancé surprised me at the end of my “Farewell Johannesburg” adventure. I decided to experience the thrill of the Anaconda one last time; its twists, turns, inverts and raging speed. I love that uninhibited scream of terror that escapes me every time I’m on a rollercoaster, but it won’t hold me back from doing it again. Afterwards, with my hair still wild from the ride, we went to the Gold Reef City Hotel where he’d organised a surprise farewell party with all my friends. We all stayed the night and that awesome party left me with some pretty good memories!