Go for a big swing at the Moses Mabhida Stadium

Go for a big swing at the Moses Mabhida Stadium

So you thought you’d heard enough about stadiums, railways, freeway upgrades and soccer when FIFA departed from South African shores in 2010? Wrong! The new stadiums that were built weren’t just for the soccer, but provide for a whole bunch of other cool tourism stuff. Take the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, for instance. That beautifully curved shape doesn’t just make for a pretty skyline, but it has a function – people jump off it!

So what? – you ask. Yes, people also bungee and swing from the 100 m high Orlando Towers in Soweto, but did you know that the curve from which you can jump at the Moses Mabhida Stadium is a rocking 347 ft (106 m) high? It breaks some serious world records for the tallest swing and the world’s only stadium swing, so… do you have the guts?

Some friends and I dared each other to do the Moses Mabhida swing and it reached a point where there were five of us quaking in our swing harnesses, doing the practise moves on the ground before climbing up the 350 little steps to the swing platform. By the time we’d got there, everyone was terrified, but no one would break first and chicken out. All for one, and one for all!

The view from up there is incredible – I never even knew there were that many hotels in Durban, but you can see everything from the top of the stadium. The Big Rush company’s guides and jump facilitators were really friendly and helpful, but nothing they said could make my sweaty hands and shaky stutter go away. I kept my mouth shut and simply nodded to everything they said, right up to the 3… 2… 1… JUMP! They issue it in a way that makes you realise you don’t have a choice.

Face your fears!

I experienced the 196 ft free-fall as a kind of serene silence, but the guys all said I screamed like a girl on the way down before the free-fall turned into the 721 ft swing from one side of the field to the other – goal to goal. It’s okay, though, because when they jumped, I caught them all on camera and on full volume – seems I’m not the only one who screams like a girl.

After our iconic jump – all caught on film – we were all pretty relieved to have our feet on solid ground again (though all secretly unable to wait to jump again). We went for coffee at The Big Rush’s coffee lounge. It was a funny and exciting experience to play the video back to the guys. We’ll certainly be back for more soon!