Ratanga Junction Theme Park: Have you got the guts?

Ratanga Junction Theme Park: Have you got the guts?

If you’re looking for Cape Town activities that are above the norm (literally) and may very well have your heart in your throat, then take a step in the direction of Ratanga Junction. The colourful frames of hair-raising rollercoasters create a steely imprint on the horizon and provide a sense of looming danger to some and a huge adrenaline rush to others.

Ratanga Junction Theme Park is one of those Cape Town attractions that you won’t soon forget. Its rides are classified as “Kids”, “Family”, “Thrill”, and “Superthrill”… and the closer you get to the latter end of the list, the more unforgettable the experience becomes.

Kids Rides

On your Cape Town holiday, Ratanga Junction is the perfect place to entertain the kids. The seemingly tame bumper cars, pump cars, crocodile water ride, barrel roll, and lady bugs (to name a few) will create all sorts of smiles on kids’ faces and shrieks from their mouths. Some of the rides allow them to enjoy the mini-thrills unaided, while some rides require a parental assist, and are not suitable for under-3s.

Family Fun

Throw Frisbees, do the ring-toss, throw balls or darts and win prizes. It will most likely be Dad doing all the hard work while the kids cherry-pick the prizes! Take the kid on Crocodile Gorge for a new taste of water rapids – you’ll get a little wet in the process.

Thrill Rides

This is the part where it gets a little scarier, with teens and adults allowing their feet to leave the ground and being propelled through the air at high speeds. With names like “Monkey Falls” (a direct drop down a waterslide on a makeshift log), “Congo Queen” (the giant boat swing), “Diamond Devil Run” (described as a runaway train with your family in it), and “Bushwacker” – this level of thrill ride and rollercoaster provide an apt introduction into the airborne world of rollercoasters. If you can hold down your lunchtime hotdog on these rides, perhaps it’s time to go for Superthrill!

Superthrill Rides

“The Cobra” requires the disclosure of any medical conditions and the pre-requisite iron stomach. Riders are suspended from this coaster and while their feet dangle in mid-air, they loop and lift and drop and come back around for some more. Gravity weighs in on riders’ chests at four times the normal pressure… have you got the required nerves of steel? Another super-thrilling ride is “The Slingshot”, which give riders the experience of skydiving (the way they fall) and paragliding (the way they swing) – all in a prone position.

General info

The new Ratanga Junction Theme Park season starts at the end of September 2012, so take advantage of any hotels in Cape Town offering promotional deals in the early season and come and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime.

Entry tickets to the theme park range in price from R50 to R152 per day, or enquire about the Season Club Card.

Ratanga Junction also offers a stylish conference and events venue and can be hired out for private functions.