Zip lining in Sabie

Now to many people zip lining is one of the most frightening outdoor sports, yet to others it’s epic. Let’s think about it for a second, the zip line is 450m long, 77m high and travelling at 100km/h. The experience includes trees flashing past you as you find yourself hanging in mid-air and screaming in sheer fear.

For those adrenaline junkies this equals one word, excitement! The Sabie is the ideal place for such a sport. Sabie is situated on the slopes of Mount Anderson home to amazing waterfalls, forests and beautiful mountains. The climate is perfect for outdoor activity, there’s utter tranquillity and the scenery is what steals the limelight.

Outdoor activities include mountain biking, fly-fishing, horse riding, rock climbing, bird watching and white-water rafting. The views of mountain streams and spectacular nature scenes make it the perfect spot. Sabie is also known for having the best restaurants and beer gardens. The village shops are also worth visiting full of shops featuring African crafts and arts.

For those looking to explore South Africa, the Sabie is one area worth visiting. It’s less than four hours’ drive from the Johannesburg International Airport. Your zip lining experience is guaranteed to be a memorable one. It might be full of fear, screaming and excitement, which is what life is full of. What are you waiting for, book that holiday now!